will yz plastic fit my wr? where is the best place to get it?

same year YZ rad shrouds ARE IDENTICAL!!

left rear # plate is narrower (WR radiator overflow bottle).

tank is THE BIGGIE. YZ is MUCHO narrower BUT you'll need a YZ seat (OEM, SDG, IMS, Moose, etc).

Rear fender will bolt right up.

choice of ACERBIS, UFO, One Industries, etc.

Front number plate takes a little engineering to get one. You need to remove hardware for the light, and make up some hardware to secure it tightly. Zipties work pretty well. Also the odo gets in the way.

I checked out Yamaha GYTR, Acerbis and UFO. I liked the UFO by far the best. On the UFO you get the metal reinforcements around the bolts like the factory and on the rear number plates the exhaust pipe insulation is already installed. My $.02 Mark

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