03 Headlight Connector

I'm sure its covered somewhere on here, but I can't seem to come up with the correct search terms to find it. I am adding a wire to the stock 03 headlight connector, and can not seem to find a wire end that will work inside the connector. I know it has to be a 90 degree, but not sure of a good supplier for this. Any help?


I'm talking about the wires going into the 3 prong connector on the backside of the headlight. Currently I have 2 wires going to this and I am adding the third. There is a 90 degree spade? inside that attaches the wire to the headlight prong. I hope that clears it up.

By the way thanks for the link, I like those connectors.

How did everyone else add the third wire to the headlight?

You can probably buy a complete plug with pigtails from a local auto parts store for a few dollars, remove the spade from that.

Sorry I misunderstood the Q, LOL, did not see the reference the 'spade'. Ahlzihmers......

try a mazda 5 the wagon. i think they have 3 wires and the 90. if not its one of the new mazdas that have the 3 wire and 90. try the mazda 5 than the mazda 3, mazda 6

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