mirror replacement what works best

I crashed tonight and the only thing I damaged was the mirror, the one that was on the bike worked sort of, enough to get an inspection sticker, but vibrated so bad it was next to worthless on the road, any recommdations for a mirror that still will fold down for off road use and still function on the road???Bob

From what I've heard the "Ken Sean" folding mirror works about the best. A buddy I used to ride with, had one on his KTM, and really liked it. I ordered one the other day, but it hasn't came in yet.

Stay away from the Acerbis...it will only get you through the inspection, and keep the cops at bay. It's otherwise pretty useless.

I hve the Acerbis and they are usless, it now spends it days in a box in the garage. I ride with the stock one and remove it to enter the woods.

Get an IMS mirror mount and use the stock mirrors. The mount allows you to fold the mirrors down fast and easy, yet still work right when needed.

Thanks for the help guys, I do have to get a whole mirror set up as the mount is what is damaged. I am going to try the Ken Sean mirror.. I should have taken the mirror off before I started jumping over logs with the bike,, at first I was just going to do some easy ones to get used to getting a heavy bike over a log, as my confidence built up I kept trying bigger logs, needless to say that when you hit a 2 1/2 log the back end comes up pretty fast when it hits, I got hit in the back by the seat and then went over the bars, I was glad all I wrecked was the mirror.. :)

I highly recommend the dual-star mirror. Doesn't vibrate, doesn't stick out, survives crashes. Might not work too well if you're very wide in the saddle. :)

Dual-Star mirror

I concur with Ted,

The dual star rocks and won't get trashed when you lay it down. When I look through it, I reach over with my thumb and stop the vibs and see clearly. Much better than the useless Acerbis POS. With this mirror your actually looking under your arm. I got mine from 4strokesOnly and used the mirror mounting brackets.


The dual star web site is worth checking out, they got some other clever goodies.

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