yz400f headlight

i have a yz400f 1999 and id like to put a head light on it and was wondering if someone could let me know what id need to do this and how much it would run me money wise thanks

thanks ya how do i know if i already have one of those things and is there a less expensive way to have a light i dont ride at night all the time like once like every few months and its for maybe an hour any ideas??

I've been thinking about putting a light on my 426 for sometime now, but don't feel like spending $400+ to do so. I have thought of ways to put a light on my bike that would not cost too much money and this is what I came up with. The first idea that I had was to use a trailtech handle bar mounted HID light http://www.trailtech.net/3152-FX.html and some R/C car battery packs. The second idea that I had was to make some sort of bracket that bolted to the fork tubes to hold one of those super high powered flashlights, like the 2-3 million candle powered ones. I hope this helps :thumbsup:

thanks ive heard of lights that u can put on ur helmet anyone know of these ??

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