I am a proud owner of a 2001 WR426, I am currently interested in purchasing a KLX-110 for my son. I was wondering if anyone had heard anything about them or owns one? He is eleven but has never ridden before, would this choice be wise for him to learn the basics on without the clutch and five-speed?

Would it have enough power to keep him satisfied for a year or so or should I just purchase the TTR-125 and teach him from the get go?

Thanks in advance!

Mark (Highland, Illinois)

KDX 200 is the perfect bike. Leave it stock, add some bark busters, get him some good gear, and let the boy ride. The bike has clean power and also will carry him for 3 or 4 years wile he grows. If it's to tall just drop the suspension.

IMO the KLX110 would be a good choice for a child's first motorcyle. I have read ( tried to find link to page ) there are many ways to improve the power as the child grows into this bike. From what I recall, the engine is from a Asian scooter which sales really well. I would recommend doing a search @ www.google.com and reading up on the several posts. I apologize for not remembering where I read the info at. I think it was at Dirt Bike magazine. Maybe even Super Hunky recommends this bike.

Other choices to consider is the XR100R as there are many parts readily available not to mention it is a bullet proof bike.

Personally I have a hard time purchasing anything in its first year of production. Usually takes 1 - 3 years for them to work out all the bugs.

Make any of the above choices and I am sure you will have a happy son.

I am considering purchasing XR100 for my son's first bike. But if the KLX is priced in same range I would consider. Check your classifieds and you can find a good used XR100 for less than $2000 in the 1 to 2 year old range. Good luck and happy riding

Sorry everyone for rambling on.

My son rides a TTR90 he will be 11 yrs. old in August.Great power for the kid as he is learning as well.Dirt Bike Magazine just tested the KLX 110 though,they say it runs circles around the TTR90!!If it was available in 2000 I would have bought it.I had a 1991 KDX-250 way too tall for my son.MY 2 cents,buy the bike he is comfotable on now so he can feel confident.Besides resale is pretty decent on kiddie bikes.FWIW. A NEW ADDICT IS GOOD FOR THE SPORT!!!!!!!

Pick yourself up copy of the May Dirt Bike, they have a pretty good artical in it on the KLX 110.

One thingthat you will need to look at is how big your son is. The seat hieght on the KLX is only 26". I found out the hard way when it comes to buying bikes for kids that it is alot cheaper to go a little on the big side and let them grow into it other wise it gets real expensive. The nice thing about the little 110 though is if you wind up keeping it for a few years it has the hop up potential. Off the show room floor it comes with an 3 speed auto clutch just like the XR50 but once the kid has the hang of things you can spend a little mnore money and have them open it up to your standard multi-plate clutch. This bike is originally a four speed, they left that in there. All they did was block off the 4th gear. They are also saying that the motor has the capability to be bored out to over 200cc so if you have a small kid you can definately keep him with enough power. There is already numerous after market companies that a putting out products for it to, for example Powroll has an exhaust for it and they are the same ones saying it can be punched out to over 200cc.

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