Vote me in for the dumbass of the year award...

What I day I just had...

I cannot begin to tell you how upset I am at a recent, and costly mistake I made. I have been using one of the kryptonite disc locks to secure my bike, as the BD dualsport kit does not have a key.

Today, I forgot to remove the lock and went to take off, and the disc lock broke through the rear caliper mount, bent the disc, and ripped the disc off of the hub. Yes, a very expensive mistake on my part.

Anyway, cussing aside, I'm looking for the least expensive route to go on replacing the hub, rear disc and caliper carrier.

Any help would be really, really appreciated. Now I gotta explain to the wife, on how I managed to do about $700 worth of damage, all by myself...and no broken bones for sympathy either.

Damn! That must have hurt. As far as the cheapest way to fix this, my guess is OEM. I get a pretty good discount at my local Honda dealer and could check the price for you. Is the caliper ok?


You have lots of company on this one. I have read many stories about the same thing happening to others. One solution is to tie some orange (bright color) material around your handlebar whenever you put the lock on as a reminder.

Be thankful you don't have any broken bones, better the bike than you.

you have a lot of company in making that mistake, I fix a lot of fenders for sportbikes because of the same thing.. The only solution I have heard that works is that when you put on your disk lock on the bike, drive your bike into a spot that it has to backed out of, that way, unless your bike has reverse you will save your self the same mistake again.. I still think hidden kill switch is the way go, the bikes are light enough were just a disk lock wont keep someone from loading it in the back of a truck

I have a new caliper and carrier if you are interested. Email me at if any one of these will help.

My way of avoiding this is more cumbersome. I bought one of the 5/8" Kryptonite cables in 6' length. I double it up and put it in a courier-type over-the-shoulder bag. Then, when I get where I'm going, I run it through the rear wheel and up over the seat. Usually I'll lock my helmet there, too. That way, I have to unlock the bike before I can even get on it. It's not as slick as a disk lock, but it's darn near foolproof.

Of course, that doesn't help you fix what you've got. Sorry.

Dohhhh!!! Hate it when that happens! Check out the Scott's brake caliper carrier... very strong and prob'ly cheaper than stock. Talon hub about same as stock new. Also check with Service Honda, good discounts.

I know this is no help, but it was an accident. Your bike is also not stolen. Maybe this made a difference and you just dont know about it?

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