SM Wheels For WR400 From Donor Bike

I am looking for a set of SM wheels for the WR400, I have chance to get a set of wheels from a CRF 450 but am unsure if they will fit. From what I can tell the 2002 WR (Mine) has a 20mm front and 22mm rear where as the CRF has 20mm front and 22mm rear. Is there any wayt of making them fit, what would I need? :thumbsup:

It really depends on the hubs . alot of the sm wheels have a universal hub , that you just swap bearings and spacers to make them right for a different bike . some even have an interchangable sprocket mount.

From what I can gather the wheels I have been offered are specific for the CRF as opposed to universal. I would have thought spacers can be used to offset them correctly but Im not sure how to solve the spindle size issue

most likely you could order bearings to fix the axle sizes . you would have to measure everthing to be sure the axle will fit thru the bore of both hub , then check the o.d of the bearings themselves . then order new ones with same o.d .and thinkness and with a i.d. that fits your axle.

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