Front Brake Switch 2008 WR450f


Does the standard WR450 have a front brake switch?

I'm in Australia and I think its something fitted to meet our road registration requirements. If theres anyone on here from Australia? And perhaps they could tell me what they did with the switch and cable if they removed the ADR wiring harness.



No switch on my 2007 WR-450. I don't have access to the owner's manual for a 2008, but I don't believe it has one, either.

2008 wr dont have brake switch, my euorapan version dont have it. But bikes for australian market must be have it i mean, coz it have turn signals, number plate, mirrors and etc...


I just picked up my '08 a few weeks ago and no, there is no front brake switch. Installing one would require modifying the brake handle mount which would probably just screw it up and weaken it. But your choice.

I have also looked into brake levers for other Yami's like the XT and WR25FX and they are a different handle. Personally, I like the adjustment feature on my WR so I will probably not put a front brake switch on it.

One other thought I have had is possibly going with the basic hydraulic switch that most people put on the back MC. I haven't found a suitable adaptor and doubt one exists. The problem with the front mounting is that the switch would stick out too far from the hand guards and probably get broken off. It would require a 90 degree fitting of some kind to piont the switch up or down.


On my 07 I put a hyd brake switch on the front brake . It's real ez just swap it for the bolt in the banjo fitting on the front master cylinder.


On my 07 I put a hyd brake switch on the front brake . It's real ez just swap it for the bolt in the banjo fitting on the front master cylinder.

Do you have a picture? How far out does it hang past handguards?

I'm running the Acerbis Rally Pro guards and I can guarantee that any switch I've found will hang out about 1/2 inch or more and the wiring will be dangling out further than that. I'm not to happy with the prospect of snagging that on a branch going by and ripping the switch apart.

Show me your install.


you can get the hydraulic switch from baja designs

Can you use a brake switch with the stock led tail light on an 07/08 or does it need to be replaced with a dual element type light?

They come with a hydraulic switch, I had to unplug mine as it was giving an electric shock through the brake lever when braking:confused:

Well i have an 06 but my wires and switch for the brake light, hides away nicely under my acerbis hand guards, here are a couple of pics




That looks like a pretty nice install. Did you narrow your bars some? When I look at my handguard, the switch would stick out past the front of the guard whereas your is protected by teh flap/flag sticking up in front of the reservoir.


just bolted the covers on and the swithc, no modifying anything, but like i said mine is an 06

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