side plate tank, what about coolant overflow tank

I am thinking of fitting a baja designs side plate tank to my 2000 wr400 and assume I will have to remove the coolant catch tank.

Has anyone tried one of these tanks? How much fuel will one carry etc? I cant seem to find out much info regarding the fuel capacity or how they mount, over here in australia.

I removed the catch tank once before but it did lose a bit of coolant here and there when idling at traffic lights for a few minutes for example.

Can you put a higher pressure radiator cap on to stop this or will that just lead to problems elswhere within the cooling system.

Any ideas or advice much appreciated

Mine had the same problem, (Coolant dripping from the wee hole). After less then 3mins of idling, it will drip out.

SOLUTION: Mine, I changed the impeller shaft and the seals. Up to now, no more dripping of coolant.

mine leaks fluid from the overflow tube, past the radiator cap. I dont think the inpeller shaft has anything to do with this type of leak. It's caused from the fluid getting too hot when there is no wind through the radiators.

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