Skid Plate or Engine Guards

Message deleted. Took off on the wrong foot and not worth pursuing.

I don't notice any kind of noise being reflected back? A skid plate is a must unless sx is the only thing you do.

Whats your problem with it making more noise anyway its probably just vibration etc, when mounting the skidplate put strips of old inner tube on your frame rails if your that bothered about it. It isn't going to increase the amount of db coming from the exhaust, which is the important thing.

Okay, let me rephrase my question. The YZ 450F has an aluminum bash plate in place from the factory. Granted it does not protect the frame rails, but does protect the bottom cases of the engine. Instead of paying for another plate for the bottom of the engine why not use the existing plate and get bolt on engine protectors to replace the plastic crap that the factory puts on.

Noise is not the issue, but price always is. (Gas prices dictate frugality).


Try not to get too worked up when someone misses the point.

Metal case guards seem to be less common than they once were, but Lightspeed Performance has some nice CF ones. Trouble is, since your criteria is price, they're pricey.

Devol makes one that protects the bottom, including the frame rails, and the cases, and extends up to cover the gap between the frame rails, so as to keep stones and mud off the front of the engine, all for about what one of the two CF guards go for.

Thanks for the info on the Devol Gray. I'll be checking on that one.

I only get irritated when someone can't just answer a simple inquiry without throwing in their opinions on what is important or not important to someone. I look to you guys for your experience and expertise, nothing less, nothing more. I realized that I jumped at that one guy, and that's why I deleted that post. No sense in chumming for sharks when you aren't trying to get bit.

I put the GYTR one on my 450. It is a pretty nice piece, very nicely made but about $110. I was kind of worried about the water pump hanging out there and we have a lot of rocks and whatnot around here where I ride.

I went with the Moose Racing skid plate for my 426 and LOVE IT. Perfect fit, easy to install and doesn't make a sound. It got if for 89.00 at my local dealer. Covers any and everything and I think I can go through / over anything with it! Check them out.

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