YZF 400 Help

I have a YZ 400 just bought used, its a 1998, I rode it once and I cant get it started again. Any Info or suggestions on what might be the problem would be great!

Sorry to hear it won't start, Try Looking at condition of sparkplug first then cleaning and checking fuel & carb then CDI unit. Good luck.

And tell us what is was later.

Try the easy stuff first. I would first check for fuel and spark. You can remove the air filter, turn the fuel off and try to start it using a little starting fluid. That will at least tell you if its a fuel problem or not. Dont use too much, a little goes a long way. It should run for about 2 or 3 seconds on a little shot of starting fluid.

Disclaimer: there is a chance for a backfire, so be prepared to put it out.

Then go from there...spark, compression, timing.

If you have all four, it will start.(I think its a Newtonian Law....lol)

The bike being new to you I will presume you need some work on the starting procedures, I know I did.

If you are unsure of the starting procedure go to the top of the YZ forum and into the common threads sticky, at the bottom are two videos produced by Yamaha on starting procedures.

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