What is the little black box under left side pannel?

Just what the title asks, what in the world is the little black box under the left sidepannel?

Reason i ask is because the other day i started my 04 crf250x (love the bike, its been great to me) and this little black box was making a horrible buzzing sound. so i took off the side pannel and unpluged it, bike runs fine but i have NO clue what in the world the thing is.



ahh ok i could see that, whats is weird is that i dont have the optional fan, so why would it be making a buzzing sound.

Also it looks like there will be zero harm if i run without it correct? i plan on taping up the end so no water gets in.

what was also weird is that my rear tail light is not working, when it was working before this buzzing happened from the fan relay.

Thats your ICM ( Ignition Control Module) ..If your battery is dead that will chatter. It also holds a Fuse. If you ever go to push your start button and you getting nothing. Check the fuse.

That relay runs the power for the radiator fan and the rear tail light. If you leave it out it won't hurt anything just no tail light. I've replaced 2 of them for draining the battery when the bike is off.

ok thanks, makes sence my battery is completly dead.

that is most definetly not the ICM tho, thats up above the top of the motor if im not mistaken.

I read what you guys have been saying about this and looked again at the wiring diagram and this is what I came up with. Since the X has no key to turn everything off it uses relays. The battery powers the starter but only when the button is pushed. The headlight is only powered by the alternator when the engine is running. It isn't connected at all to the battery. The tail light is powered by the battery and to keep it from draining the battery it is hooked up to a relay that is tripped when the headlight gets power. For some reason they also hooked up the optional electric fan to the same relay. The fan would only come on when thermostat switch is tripped so I don't know why they would do that unless they didn't want the fan to run at all when the engine is off. Fans on cars can run after you turn them off and if you overheated your bike I would think it would be a good thing. They must be worried about running down the wimpy battery. I guess what is to be learned is that if your tail light is on when your bike isn't running that this relay is bad. If you want the tail light to work then you need to buy a new one. It doesn't hurt anything to unplug it. The tail light and the fan, if you have one, just won't work.

I was thinking that if you just wired in a switch you could manually turn the tail light on and off. You would need to remember to turn it off at the end of the day! I have a k&s high/low/off headlight switch. It also has a lead for turning off the tail light. I didn't bother wiring that up but you could. I usually run with the head light off but it is easy to turn on if you need it.

Well I broke my tailight....bought new one and it doesn't work at all. My battery does not go dead and my elctric start and headlamp work good also..... not sure what goin g on unless I got a dud tailight from honda......

when i bought my bike back in 04 it had a bad tail light and it has worked ever since. this buzzing started because my battery was dead from long periods of not using the bike, and because i took out the battery. so i took out the relay also. You might have a bad relay that just doesnt flip on.

ya maybe...I will try that...thanks

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