18 in. or 19 in. rear wheel?

What are the advantages/disadvantages? Does the 18 incher give the bike more snap? Lesser rotating mass. I am assuming that you can get a fatter tire for them. This is for a desert bike. I am planning to purchase a new one (bent my current one) Taking in the pros and cons.

I would think the main or only difference is you are trading in rim for tire. So w/ the 18 incher you have more rubber between rocks and your rim.

Good for the dez, not so good for handling on a hard-packed motocross track.

I personally have long wanted an 18 incher for my YZ since all I do is dez/off road (lots of rocks, sand, and gravel), but have been content with just running the larger size (120) tires. My favorite is the Dunlop 739 A/T, decent sand tread, very strong (and heavy), many-plyed tire.

Hope this helps.


Yeah that is what I thought. I run the D739s (120). I get about 1000 miles out of them.

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