99 or 00?

I recently purchased an electrex dual sport kit for my WR400. The instructions for the kit say I need to up the output of the stator to run the kit. I was hoping to run the kit and see how it went but right now I am having a problem finding a second yellow wire per the instructions, I think because I don't have the high output stator. Anyway, to add to my confusion I was on the DMV site the other day trying to figure out what the Nevada requirements for a dual sport and when I punched in my VIN # last two digits being 99 and all, it came up as a 00 bike. So, I was told that the 00 and newer bikes have double the 98/99's 75 watt output which seems like it would be plenty to run the kit.

So, if it ends in a 99 is it still possible to be a 00? If it is an 00 do I still need the stator upgrade?

So far, about eight hours in, I have installed the brake light, turnsignals and brakelight switches, I was saving what I thought would be the easy part for last.

Thanks in advance.


All I know is if it is a 2000 or newer you don't need to rewind the stator.

is your question "is it a 99 or 00"?

The easy way to tell is the carb is completely different design. The 99 has an external rod (w/ a little rubber accordian boot) that actuates the accelerator pump. The 00 and > use an internal rod.

Every Vin # From 84 to present will tell the year. The way you do it is count back 8 digits from the last, if it is a Y it is a year 2000. s=95 t=96 v=97 w=98 x=99 y=2000 1=2001 2=2002 3=2003 Get it! Thought this might be helpful to somebody :)

According to my Baja Designs book. The 98-99 models had 80 watts the 2000 and up have 120 watts. Baja designs can rewind the stock stator on the 98-99 to put out 130 watts. I dont know how much juice the electrex kit needs to work.

I was just surfin www.electrexusa.com site and found a side note in the Dakar application guide that said that the WR's require a simple stator mod. Then I found this document stator mod This may be what you need. Its a PDF file.

Thanks for all the quick replies. I counted 8 back on the VIN and the letter is a Y. The carb does not appear to have any accordian thing (see pics at the bottom of this page http://albums.photo.epson.com/j/AlbumIndex?u=4048466&a=30311693&f=0 ) so, you guys have pretty much convinced me that my bike is a 00. It's a little embarassing that I didn't know what year bike I bought,,, but good to know now.

This brings up a new question. On my Electrex wiring harnes there are two yellow wires I am supposed to hook up from my stator, but I only have one from my stator. Think I could just hook up one? Should I wire the two from the harness together to plug into my one stator wire? I may have to wait til' Mo. on this one and call Electrex.

Thanks again for all the help.


I think that stator Mod link I gave ya above explains the extra yellow wire needed.

Thanks YZMAN, I saw that page too, I just thought it was for a rewound stator. I will go back and read the pages again from a 00 perspective.

Max :)

Ok, now is it possible to remove the stator rotor without a puller?


You will need a flywheel puller. They are like $15 at the yamaha shop. Once you get the flywheel off, the stator plate is held on by 3 torx head screws.

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