2004 Aluminum Frame Swap

Hey all, a question, and I'm hoping that I'll get some good feedback. I love my 2004 yz450f engine, tranny, and all the other goodies that I've spent time and money on, I just read on page 159 of motocross action that I could swap an alluminum frame under the big blue rocket and that it should go pretty easy. I'm wanting to try it but I'm skeptical. What about the in frame oil, etc. If it's just the triples then I'm all over it, but I need to know if this will work before I buy the frame. But, if it'll work, i'm doing it ASAP so I'd like to know a little more.

Please give me some info if you havce it.

Obviously if the engine mounts are in the same location (I haven't checked) then the engine will drop in. The triple clamps will swap, but you may have to file down the steering stops a little. The swing arm will fit also. however, the list of parts you would need to buy is pretty long. You need the frame, both radiators, gas tank, all plastic, seat, shock linkage, silencer, airbox, and some other odds and ends. The price adds up to quite a bit, even if you are buying used parts off ebay.

As for oil, you either have to build some sort of oil tank, retrofit an oil tank off of a newer YZ250F, or buy the Dr. D kit to eliminate the oil tank. If you go with the last option, expect to change your oil every hour of ride time.

After all of this you will still have a bike with an old engine and suspension. IMO it is much more time and cost effective to sell it and buy an aluminum framed bike.

IMO it is much more time and cost effective to sell it and buy an aluminum framed bike.
I cannot disagree.
IMO it is much more time and cost effective to sell it and buy an aluminum framed bike.

Or keep it as a backup and wheely practice bike and still buy the alu framed bike..:thumbsup:

Been there, researched extensively on that......the Alum frame only mod is too costly with too little gains...unless you can find a complete 06-08 w/o a motor...then it is more compelling.

I kept my 03 turned it into a bigbore 470 and bought a 06........luv them both.

Thanks for the advice. I have to say that after sleeping on it and looking around it sounds like the best option is to just jump up a few years and get a newer bike. I appreciate all the feedback on this question. In thinking, I also heard that there are some significant suspension upgrades 06 and up as well, so I think that I'll skip on the aluminum frame option for now.

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