Moab on Memorial Day weekend?

Will be rolling into town on Wed. night (5/22) and leaving Mon. afternoon (5/27). Anyone else interested in hooking up out there? We'll have a couple of thumpers out there and a few newbies on their TTR125's (not all riding together all of the time). Should be pretty interesting! And a little mountain biking thrown in for good measure. Camping up by slickrock trailhead somewhere...

Blackie, your wife's having a baby...probably wont see you. Dougie, bummer on the thumb (dont stick it up there! just kidding!)...we'll ride together sometime before the next millenium.


I hear it is really crowded there that weekend. I may go there or with my buddy near some dunes near steamboat. Haven't locked it in yet. If I go to moab I will drop a post.

What tires do you use for Moab and for CO trails. I am about to get a set.


Using the Michellin M-12's...they certainly dont hold up very well in Moab on all of that slickrock...but I'm not sure that there's much that can and still work good at Rampart and such.

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