Studding tires

Does Anyone know where to buy A tire studding gun, or know where to get a good price on Trellborgs or any other Studded tire(other that tires studded with screws).

check out this article


I couldn't sleep last night :D :D :D:):D

You guys are awesome. My buddy and I rode in the mountains yesterday for 15 minutes and had to pack up and go to the plains to ride. I figured our riding was over for the year.

Now, the wheels are turning.......

I have 3 questions:

1. Do you have to drill holes before putting in the gold screws?

2. What type of tire, soft or hard is better?

3. Does a new tire give any better traction than an old tire? I was wondering if the taller knobbies act like paddles in packed snow.


ice and snow riding is mind blowing !!!!

different mounts for different kind of riding.

1- metal type screws are good for your kids bikes

2-automotive type studs work very well on hard packed snow or ice . i personally use them as my second set to ride on the snowmobile trails when they close after the 15th of march . MIND BLOWING RIDING.

3- THE ULTIMATE SETUP. mounted on a pirelli mt 44 for the rear and a michelin h12 for the front are 1 1/2 inch custom carbide screws. the tires are shaved and then lined with two cut road slicks in order to give maximum stifness to the screws . heavy duty mountain bike tubes are used. the guy who makes them sells them for 800 $ cdn and supplies them to the canadian and american ice racing circuits .trellborg tire does not even come close to matching the grip .

check out these sites.


vmaxcbr900wr426, avoid the screws if you can for a couple reasons unless you just want to ride on frozen lakes. 1. they get dull fast. 2. If you ride on any terain that doesn't have packed snow or ice on it, the screws will fly out left and right, and they might find there way back in your tire or someone else's next summer.

For the few times that I get out in the trails in the winter the screws work fine for me.

Yes you do loose a few.

Yes they do get dull.

But there cheep.

I've been looking into the trelleborg's. While it would be nice to have carbide tiped studs.I cant afford $600-$700 for a set.

A friend of mine has a set. They wear like iron. His are several years old and look like new.

But for now Ill stick to the screws. I just mounted them up last night. And today the snow melts. :)

After reading the threads and conversing with yzman400 for several days, I'm going to give the Gold Screws a shot. I know many people here that use them and are very happy with the results. I should be able to ride in a minimum of several inches of snow and ice at all times in the mountains.

My buddy and I just want to try this and spending $800 on Trellborgs seems a bit excessive for a trial. I also remember having that brand tire on Husky's back in the early 80's and I didn't like them at all.

I'll report back after we install the screws and take a ride.

Thanks everyone for the help.


Hey I woke up this morning and there is snow on the ground. And today is the last day for riffle deer season. :):D :D

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