Early wr 450's?

Are the early 450's any good. They seem to be selling for about 3k. What issues do they have?

i have an 04, no problems at all just that it is red sticker only. i still think the red/green sticker thing is dumb.

The 03's had a couple minor problems, mostly to do with the starting system. The problems were easily fixable, and have probably been done on most bikes by now. I have had 2 03 WR's and have had no problems with them out of the ordinary. Search for 03 starter fixes, and you will see what is entailed in getting a torque limiter for the 03 starter drives.:thumbsup:


I've got an '04. The only problem I've ever had (which is very well documented on this site) is loosing the plug on the (no longer used) decomp hole on the jug. That's probably been addressed on most of these by now.


I've got an '04 also-

Most reliable bike I have owned as of yet. 3,500 miles and over 200 hours...valves haven't moved. Coming from 250 2t's, the only downside is the weight. These bikes 'feel' heavy. Great bikes IMHO-

I have an '03 450 and had absolutely no problems! Even the starter works great without replacing any of the parts. These bikes are tough:applause:

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