oil change

hey i jus got a 2003 wr 450f and i need ta kno how much oil ta put in it and wat oil hole!!! (ya i kno its sounds stupid!!) ya but i added to much oil already and it spurted outta hose one the head... then stalled ou then jus didn't run.. it din't smoke at all... and ran shitty for five minutes

Hey there

There are a link to manuals to download on this forum.

Here it is; http://www.yamahaownershandbook.com.au/?r=0

Spend some time reading through the manual so you dont wreck your bike.

There is a special routine when checking oil on these bikes.

wut should i do to get my bike runing... it won't start... i'm wicked good wit two strokes but not wit four stroke's..lol

it says 1.1 qt of oil in the manual i have. i have the same bike. I like the name doocrew. i have a 07 rev 600ho. im changing the oil tomorrow i will let you know how much mine took.

When empty, I usually start by putting one quart in. Then I put about one or two ounces from a second bottle. Then I start the bike and let it idle for 3 or 4 minutes. I then check the stick and start pouring in small amounts until it reads full on the stick.

The key there is that the dip stick is in a small diameter tube, so once it starts registering, it only takes a small amount to finish filling.

Oh yeh, read the manual first, then pick up some tips from us on the forum.

ya i ok tell me once ya find out some info

i feel ****in retarded askin but wait you put in da oil pour hole and how does it get up to the frame reservoir... or do ya have ta put oil in there too.

and i already put to much in cause a dumb ass guy told me three quart's.. so i did and it pissed outta hose comin from the top of the motor it come out right near the spark plug... and now it won't start.. could oil have gotten into the cylinder and ****ed ****ed up the plugs.. but it smoke tho.. i reall need help i really wanta ride my new bike i've only ridin for one short ride

can any one help^^^^^^^^^^^

No don't fill thru the dip stick hole. Fill thru the crank case opening.

There is a procedure for it. Read how to do it in the manual. Its available online. Use the search engine here to find it.

mine took 1.2q around.

drain it , put in about 1.2 quarts into the hole on the crankcase . its a dry sump the pump is down in the case . put in the oil then run it for 2 minutes , shut it off , wait 30 seconds then check the oil with the bike level , top up as needed in the crank case not the dip stick .

some times it shoots oil out the dip stick when you check it , just put it back in and wait a few more seconds and check again .

when i first bought mine i couldn't find the dip stick for 5 minutes , and lets not even talk about the 4 drain plugs there is on the engine .

im telling you this , because i hate adobe and thats the format the stupid manual is in . i use it but i wish i could print the hole thing off and just have a real manual .

ok guys thanks alot for the help. i felt like such a dumb ass for askin.

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