04 yz450 backfiring ,not starting sudenly

four weeks ago my bike started to backfire and wouldn't start, previously it was running real good but it has been getting harder to start over a period of time, so i took it to the shop(valves, shims done, carb air mixture adjustment) so i took it out for a spin today, i noticed that it back fired 5-7 times but it did fire up alright and idled for 3-4 minutes or so. one minute into my ride it smoked alot and lost alot of power, so i bought it home and tried to start it, and back to square one, it just back fires and wont start again, the only things I've done to it is a new plug, cleaned air filter and the right amount of oil, any info before i take it back to the shop , please please

it sounds like your timing off. maybe your timing chain skipped.

i forgot to add,4 weeks when it suddenly packed up i found under the tank right next to the coil(black box) there is a white wire about inch long, it looks like a earth wire that goes nowhere, looks cut, another thing i did see is where the wiring loom go into the motor in the cdi i notice-st water coming from the electrical tape so i started to unwound the tape and around a 1/4 cup of water come out of it, when i think back the last thing i did was wash the bike and i did put the hose under the tank, im not sure if that's going to be anything. thanks for any replies. sorry im not very mechanically minded

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