WR250 or 426 ?

Any advise would be appreciated.

I got back into riding last year after about 12 years off. I have always riden 200 and 250 two strokes IT and YZWR. I am 5'10" 155Lb.

I ride loging roads and woods trails (no racing).

The guys I ride with have XR650(Tanks) and are pushing me toward the 426. I am leaning toward the 250 but am worried it wont have enough power for me.I like to get the front wheel up but dont want to be fighting to keep it down either.

Its alot of money to spend without a test drive.

My buddy has the 250F and I have the 426. To me, the power of the 426 just makes all the difference in the world. The 250 has plenty of power but it is more from the mid range up. The 426 has loads of low end and just rips all the way to the top. It is just down right fun to ride! Not that the 250 isn't, it's just not the same when you twist that throttle. We also ride on tight woods trails and some might say the 250 is more nimble but honestly the 426 does just fine in the woods. You notice the extra weight but the extra power more than makes up for it - in my opinion, of course. It is just way easier to loft the front tire over obstacles on the 426 which really helps in the woods. If you can you really shuold ride them both but I have ridden them both I am love the 426.

Was one of your 650 buddies trying to trade a while back? There was a guy on the 250 board looking to trade his XR650 for a 250F. No takers.

The WR250F (with the free mods and maybe a pipe) will have more than adequate power and won't wear you out as much as the bigger, harder hitting bikes. I tried them both and the lighter weight of the 250 got my vote. Thank goodness there's two awesome bikes to choose from!

From your time off your riding and your old bikes I would think the 250 would be great.If I didn't live in So.California I would ride the 250 instead of the 426.More is not always better.

It depends on the riding that you're going to do. If you're doing a lot of tight stuff, go the WR250. If there is mostly open fire-trails, go a 426 as it will shred a 250 big time power-wise. If you ride all open fast stuff, buy an XR650 as it will roost practically anything!! :)

You're right. For what you're talking about, the 426 is the way to go. If you're into deep, tight woods, the 250F would be better.

Thanks for the advise so far.

I am definatly looking for a bike that has more of the low end tork at slower speeds/RPM.

It sounds like the 426 might be better than the 250 in this dept???

OK Im Going to my deler this weekend to buy the WR426. My thinking is that the 250 would probably have enough power for me most of the time however we do a fair bit of hill climbing up either rocky or soft terrain and I think the 250 will be week in this dept and i may be left behind some of the areas we go.I consider myself a good but conservative rider and think I should be able to keep the 426 under control. I want the power at low revs. We dont usually ride for more than 20-30 min without a break so I dont think the weight will be an issue either.

Any last thoughts from you guys would be greatly appreciated. I have gotten tons of good info from this site already.

PS I live in western Canada(BC) so I will be getting the Canadin version. :):D

I hope you can find one, I just got mine that had to come from Maine. It took 3 weeks to find one. I got it from a CT dealer. You made the right choice with the 426. That bike is awesome!! Lots of low end torque to get you through and up and over anything. I think the 250 would be a disapointment. Good Luck and happy riding!!


Where in BC do you live/ride? I live in the kelowna area and ride around bear creak. I'd love to try a 426 =)

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