Valve Shim Removal Help

I have removed the exhaust cam from my YZ400 so I can install a 450 cam. I was surprised to find an odd shim in one exhaust valve. Any bright ideas about how I may remove this shim ? I have tried a magnet and the like without success.

See picture:

You could try attaching a rod or something with some strong epoxy. Once it sets up, you should be able to pull it out.

Using a punch, tap the edge of the spring retainer lightly several times. This should dislodge the shim and start it out of the retainer. Use caution so as not to ding the lifter bore.

Gave it a couple of taps as you suggested Gray and it popped out OK. Seems the previous owner must have not had any shims and tried grinding one down.

New shims on order. Thanks for the tip Gray, most appreciated.

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