Profile ???

Sometimes i like to look at user profiles to see where they live or see what there qualifications are and half the time it isn't even filled in, dont get me wrong, you dont have to be a rocket scientist to work on these things but some times it can help when replying to questions, give me your thoughts.

EGO i dont want half a page, i already know you work at the rubbish tip!!...........mate :):D

My thoughts are this: and this is Non-Scietific but my Thoughts

75 % of users who buy VCR's still have flashing 12:00 on it.

80 % of users who buy Telephones with programable buttons never know how to and dont.

90% of consumers "Squeeze the Charman"

80% of the worlds population are Human, the rest democrats

and that grp is made up of Greenies, Eco Nazis and so on

that leaves TT

I would say 70+ % dont fill it out becouse of

10% just dont bother

30% dont know its there

30% have nothing to put in...

The rest are out driving Garbage Trucks

Hey I asked mu Auzzie co-worker what Ferk means, Hey had no Idea, I pretty much believ him, cus he had the Huhhh look on his face when I ask.

It was either that or thats the way he looks when he has Gas :)

EGO, i beleive you are refering to "Fark", see if he still has a dumb Ausie garbo look on his face. :)

or call him a fuggin cahn! go Gassit go!

well I waste hours trying to get pictures to work and they never do :) so I wished i never did in the first place


...see what i mean?!?... and the links below rarely work :D

I get two pictures, great pic of the R6 :)

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