New 2007 YZ 450F

I'm going to break it in tomorrow, does anyone have any tips/things I need look out for?



I'd recomend a 50 tooth heat treated sprockete and a regina 0rn6 chain along with a white bros aluminum pro 2 exhaust. Awsome bike. Do what the manual recommends for break in procedure.

And as far as setup goes. Once you are done breaking it in and you have time to play with the bike's settings, you may want to set the sag anywhere between 95-98mm, and try raising the forks 5mm, that will help you in the corners, especially if you ride motocross tracks. For open trails, i wouldnt say raising the forks is necessarily a must. Good luck, you will have a blast on that bike for sure.

Thanks guys, heres some pics:




Oh yeah and definatley set the sag and spring it for your weight and adjust the clickers for your personal prefrance, the clickers work great so one click at a time is noticeable.

Nice bike and perfect fit.

Change the oil and filter after first hour of riding. (this is part of breakin)

regrease suspension

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