Is the '99 WR4 exhaust different than '98 or '00?

I just bought a '99 WR4 and the stock exhaust insert was already removed and lost. I want to quiet the bike down and it looks like the WB Vortip is a good way to go. Unfortunately the WB catalog only lists a Vortip for the '98 and '00 WR4s. Does anybody know why the Vortip wouldn't work on the '99 WR4? Does the '99 exhaust have a built in spark arrestor?


The 99 Wr exhaust has a spark arrestor held in th eend of the pipe with three bolts. Inside this is the restrictor which is held in with one screw(bolt). I believe the exhausts were built the same, not sure of the year for the shiny steel change? My '99 has the black exhaust. Best advise is call the insert manufacturer. :)

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