cycle consevation club of michigan

anybody else here belong to the club, besides me ?

just curious. :)

Ive been a member for a few years.

Yep, I joined last year when I picked up my 02 426! Looking to do the six day this year and some other rides. :)

I've been a member since 2001 and my father was an active member about 20 years or so. I used to ride on the back of his 1980ish Yamaha 465 IT with my feet flying off the pegs about 75% of the time. That is what started my love of motorcycles...the smell of exhaust on a crisp cool fall morning riding through the trees. Aaaahhh the memories.

if you get a chance, do the rites of spring ride in may, thats a blast.

me and a buddy did the u.p. dual sport trail safari this year, that was alot of fun to. :)

I joined last year also.


I joined last year, haven't done any of the rides yet. Normally ride with my 14 yr old son. Most CCC rides require plates wich of course he does not have.

Check with the CCC guys before the rides. I think that for most of them you do not need to be road legal as they have gotten permits from the state of Michgan for the event. I can't say for sure if this also applies to younger riders but it sure seems that some of the riders look very young and ride almost all loops.

I think your right Pooley. I dont think that a liscense is required for most events. There is always the dual sport rides that are exceptions.

I dont do any of the events either even though I am a member.

I am also a member of the west michigan trail ridders. A local chapter of the CCC. We do a lot of trail work during the summer. Even though it is a lot of work somedays, it is gratifying to be putting something back into the sport.

I hooked up with the Forrest service a few years back and volenterred some time to help "burn in" some mountain bike trails near Marquette. It was kinda nice to be working with them instead of trying to avoid them on the trails like most of us do.

The man in charge was like 65 years old ridding a monsterous xl650. As a reward for helping him he let us do the long mountain bike loop, a one time only thing. That was fun chassing the forrest service officer thru the woods. For an old fart that guy could really ride. :) I was chewin his knobs off for a while :D

I too have just signed on to the CCC. But my past goes way back like Pooley. I started back around 1972 when My dad was forging alot of the trails for the first time. I remember a lot of rides where you just hung on and prayed for the next canteen, it was there that you were able to put you feet back on the pegs.

I'm looking forward to doing the same to my kids in the spring!!! :)

Aw heck...Stud those tires up. Gun seasons over, bow hunters aren't that good are they? :D :D

How do I expalin to the guy at the parts counter that the water leak was from a broadhead arrow not a twig in the radiator fins!!!! :D

my first trail tour was in 1973, i was 13, and riding a honda sl70. seemed just as much fun then as it does now.

remember the +100 patches they used to give out ?

ahhhhhhh....those were the days. :)

way ahead of ya trailriderjoe. the studded tires are already mounted up. And there is snow on the ground. :) Tomorrow we ride.

My Dad had the entire back of his jacket covered in those little green and yellow patches. As a matter of fact I have a lunch bag full of all his patches the +100's, the color tours, and don't forget the "litter gitter" ones. Someday I should have them sewn back on a jacket for the vintage ride.

For those of you wondering what the rest of us are rambling on about, here is a link to the clubs website. I think it does a pretty good job of telling who we are.

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