My conversion...

I finaly finish my new conversion... first I want to thanks everyone who post their conversion and knowelge on TT... without you I donk think I will ever try to made mine... thanks alot... so... it took about a mount to complete it... now I need some good weather to test and fine tuning it... to make a short story I wanted to make it last year but I did not have the time and all the parts it need... so I refresh my 1997 cr80 to have a ride for the moment... now... I have the time and all the parts that it needs to start the project... so here a list of what I used and some pics too...

start with a 1997 cr 80 expert

2002 cr85 frame

1998 xr100 motor

BBR 120 bb kit

xl185 carb (22mm)

BBR pipe

2008 CRF 250r rear brake master

klx125 air boot

Cannon racecraft shock spring (5.8)

Cannon racecraft fork spring (.38) with 10 weight oil

2003 xr100 gas tank

I may need to update this list because it will be a work in progress bike...:thumbsup:

now some pics...

start on april 13


start with 1997 cr80 with 2002 cr85 frame



frame cut









test fit...


welding done...


rear motor mount...



I also painted the swing harm... I think it look better this way...


rear brake assembly and fitting...


now the rear under motor mount is weld and also the skid plate...


and the final result...

may 16...


and now the finish(almost... need new front wing and number plate...)


now it's time to go and ride it...:thumbsup:

Sweet! Nice job brother!:thumbsup:

I like what you did with the intake..

Did you use an existing one and slice it?

gman255... I used the stock xr intake and remove the rubber... after that I found some pieces of aluminum tubing and weld it to the flanges... look that this will do the job... will see in future if it will hold fine... thanks for your comment...

You made that look easy, good job.


I like how you notched the brake pedal...... do you think it might need to be reinforced?

I dont think it need to de reinforced... this is the steel brake pedal and it was very strong even with the notch... the only problem that I have for now is that the brake pedal hit the footpeg when braking and I am not sataified with the braking power... I am looking for idea to resolv this... any idea someone...:thumbsup:

I'v bn thinking about making a brake pedal for mine.

Kinda like DMC's

I thought you were making a chopper when I glanced at the picture of the frame under the motor mount picture. Then I realized the frame was upside down:bonk:

nice job, i am also building a conversion, what bike did your intake come from (carb to airbox)?

Sweet ride man! Nice metalwork on the frame!! 'nutcase

Thanks guys...

The boot from the carb to the air box came from a KLX125... work great... if you search on this forum you will find some good post about that...

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