Faulty Ignition Switch

Hi all-

When riding yesterday, I stopped to talk with my buddy. I'm on an '05 WR450. I went to hit the starter button and it was dead. I looked at the ignition switch, and the light was out. I have a fresh battery. After wiggling some more wires and playing with the switch, it lit back up, and I started on my way.

Same thing happened about 10 minutes later. Everything was dry.

This happened before, but my bike was wet. I thought that there was water in some connections.

Anyone have this issue before? I'm thinking the ignition switch is faulty.

The stock Yamaha On/Off switches seem to be really cheap. I've seen two others fail. I replaced mine with a keyed ignition switch before it failed. There are several threads regarding use of a keyed switch that you can search for.

I've seen all of the keyed ignition switch threads, and i like the idea of the ttr125 ignition switch. I may go that route.

I'm going to pull it apart tonight to look at it, and try to clean it up.

Is there anything that I should be looking for? Anyone else have any more experience with these.

The problems that I have seen are with the switch, itself, going bad.

thanks. i'll test out the switch and see what happens.

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