Lighting for Night Races

I posted this in the SW Forum as well, but I thouht I might get some additional help here.



I plan on doing the four night races this year (on my bike for once!) and I was wondering if anyone had some insight into the pros vs cons of the Baja Designs kits. I have raced with single 8" halogen, single 8" HID, and once by pure neccessity, two of us came in the last 8 miles of a night race, on seperate bikes, with only a stock KTM 520 headlight to light the way! :thumbsup: But that's a whole other story!! :crazy:

I will be mounting this to an '01 YZ426 that will also by my ride for Vegas to Reno this year. I am looking at the following:

1. Fuego Dual 4" 55w Halogen - $275 (leaning towards this for price and size)

2. Fuego Dual 4" HID's - $930 (OUCH!!)

3. Single 8" 55w Halogen - $225 (I've used this before with good luck)

4. Single 8" HID - $625

5. Tecate HID with MR16 - $500 (I think this is what Mouse McCoy was using during Dust to Glory and it looked like it lit up the trail pretty well)

I still need to buy the mounting kits, rock guards, re-wind the stator, etc. I'm not made of money, but I just thought I would get some second opinions.

Thanks for the input!


i havent used any of the baja design stuff personally but i have heard of reliability issues with it. IMHO if im out flying thru the woods or desert at night i want a 100% reliable bright light... HIDs are the way to go.

Be happy you have an older big YZ. Im in the process of tarding my 06 450 and the lack of wattage from the tiny stator is pitiful


I keep hanging onto this old thing for MANY reasons. The potential for lights is just one of them. She still starts and runs like a champ!

Does anyone have any help out there??


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