2003 wr459f runs like ?

I have recently aquired a 2003 wr450f. It has very few miles on it although the prevous owners were of questionionable mechanincal skills based on some of the things i have found.

The bike has recently been down the Baja, I followed the rider so I know it does run but it now that I try to ride it, it does not idle well. It will start but revs and does not come back to idle. After the throttle is closed it continues to fast idle and buck and put up a fuss out the exhaust. I would like to think it s lean but the I checked the jetting from stock specs and found nothing amiss. The exhaust and jetting is stock.I have not opened up the top end to check the valve clearence. That's on tommororws list.

Anybody have any ideas?


did you clean the carb when you checked it out , what condition was it in ? spark plug ?

air leak on the carb boot maybe ? hot start lever set up right ?

i had a simair thing go up with my wr250 i shimed the valves and cleaned out the pilot circut well. And the problum went away. Also you want to make sure that the throtle slide isint in upside down. the tapered point is suposed to go up. I was chasing that problum in for yz for quite a long time.

Thanks for the replys. I just checked the valves and all are a little tight. I will get the proper shims in the AM but, The suggestion of the carb slide being upside down was right on. I have not set it right yet but I'm sure it will run better.

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