WR450 touchdown

After looking at all the choices (CRF450, DRZ400, KTM450, WR450,WR250) I've pretty much decided on the WR450. There's only one set back: The Damn seat is so freakin high! Measuring in at 5'8" with an inseam of 30" I feel like I might tip-over just climbing aboard the blue beast! Is there anything I can do, short of an expensive suspension overhaul, to lower the bike an inch? If nothing is really feasible, how much would it run for a suspension lowering job?? Thanks guys! (I feel more comfy on the KTM but I feel in love with OL'BLUE)

your bike SHOULD settle down once you break in the suspension a bit.

Otherwise you can try taking some foam off the seat, or as you stated, get the suspension shortened.

I DO know some WR riders that are 5' 8". They were OK once the suspension settled in.

I've heard of shaving the seat but exactly how do you do this? What kind of knife (or othe tool) would you use to cut :) the foam down?

Random orbit sander works great! :)

lower the forks in the clamps helps too


My son who is 12 and 5'4" just rode my new yz250f which is just as tall. He could start and stop by leaning it. Not good on a trailside. It seemed like 3-4 more inches and he would have been fine. In fact we've already talked about getting him a used one in abut a year.

Remove the seat cover get a razor knife and cut 3 slots about 1 inch deep (length wise but not the entire length) then sand then sand the foam down to the bottom of the slots and that should give you a pretty uniform seat. then replace the cover... You can also lower the fork tubes in the tripple clamps and loosen the spring tension on the rear shock(that should get you an easy 1/2 inch) if you dont mind the softer suspension, but that depends on how you ride! By the way I am 5'6" and I have been riding since 99 at stock hight but now that I have a yz125 I want to lower my WR 2 or 3" this winter.

oh and the cost to lower is around $350 ... OUCH

Take off the seat cover, mark a line to cut to on both sides of the seat witha sharpie, go to the kitchen, get out the electric carving knife, and start slicing the seat like the proverbial turkey. Start your cuts off small and keep putting the seat back on the bike and sitting on it until you are comfy. When you get to that point, sand down the corners a bit, re-install the cover, and go roost your buddies on your new custom scoot.

I'm 5'-9" and have a 30" inseam and don't have a problem with my '99 WR400's seat height. You'll get used to it.

Yeah the electric knife I have herd works good but if you want to be all slick try using a foam cutting hot wire. Some rental places rent them to cut construction insulation, some craft stores sell them too. You can make them from transfomrers (10:1 step down) and dimmer swiches but is not real safe :) , Me, since I fly electric RC airplanes, I have one that uses the Electrinic Speed controller and NiCad celll pack. RC car guys have the same stuff. I use my RC Transmittler to set the heat level and I Use #19 stainless steel picture hanging wire in a hacksaw bow with the wire in place of the blade and under tension. I was making a seat for an older bike that had a hillbilly special, (couch stuffing and duct tape). I made the seat from my old WR seat when I got my YZ SDG seat tank combo, I made some templates from cardboard, stuck them on the side of the foam and used my hot wire to get a nice level cut that closed the foam and leaves that nice factory "skin" on the seat foam. I used 3M Super 77 spray adhiesive to stick the very nicely formed seat "toot toot" to the pan and a spray of adhesive agin to stick to the cover when I had it sized right and ready to staple.

Kinda sounds like a lot of work, but like I said, I had the stuff on hand, cutting it with the Turkey knife tends to leave ripples, you could use the cardboard template idea for the knife too though!!!!!

Ohter than that, setting extra sag, lowering the forks, and maybe even look for lower profile tires???? I know you can do that with a street bike.

Oh yeah, buy an extra set of soals for your riding boots and tack em on to your boots, LOL, and GROW!!!!!!

Its funny, Japenese are short people too!!! Bet they cant even ride half the bikes they make! :D

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