Front Master Cylinder problem...

I had a crash while i was out riding today, and fell... and landed on my brake lever.... :thumbsup:

Now the brakes are really grabby, and you can pull the lever all the way in till it hits some sort of stop on the inside. (in the cylinder)

(you can pull it in a lot further than you used to be able to.)

I think i blew out something in there, but im not sure what... :rolleyes:

so can i just fix it by replacing the guts of the cylinder??? :rolleyes:

Thanks, Michael

Get a front brake master cylinder rebuild kit.

More than likely the master cylinder rebuild kit would take care of it, as long as you don't see fluid leaking anywhere. If your mater cylinder was not completely topped off it's also possible that you got some air in the line when the bike fell. You might start off with bleeding the brakes and go from there.

where should i get one of thos??

OEM?? :thumbsup:

Yamaha. 1998 400, right?


well i was gunna order a kit online... and i noticed the OEM diagram for my bike has a different master cylinder then the one on my bike... (and the cylinder is the same for bolth years of bike)... :thumbsup:

here are some pics, anyone have any idea what this is off of?? (it says yamaha on it)

and where i can get a re-build kit for it??

ps. sorry for the crappy pics, and the dirty bike :ride:



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