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I was curious upon what you all thought about your yz400f and yz426fs? Been riding several years now on cr500s and will be heading off to Cal Poly so that means lots of time at Oceano Dunes (Pismo). I love my cr500s, but been having a ton of trouble with them lately and it always seems like once one thing is fixed you got another such as overheating issue with them in the dunes.

Anyways, I was wanting to get some opinions on buying my first 4 stroke. Looking at yz 400/426 due to price reasons and wanted to see if I can get some input from the actual riders of these bikes. Preferably how well they work on the dunes. Not looking for a drag bike nor anything special. I am looking for a bike that I can have fun with at the dunes, hills, and track. Thanks a lot.


I owned an '01 YZ426F for 5 years. I had zero breakdowns. Zero issues. Well I take that back, I did get a flat tire once when I came up short on a triple. Bulletproof reliability, great power, excellent suspension. The only thing I can think of to complain about it was that it didn't corner as sharp as my '06 YZ450F does. :thumbsup:

Well that makes it a lot better. haha so what was your maintenance schedule like with that bike?

I have a YZ400F and ride desert all the time, presently in 100+ temperatures.

It is a great bike, I have no complaints about it at all, for the desert enviroment it is ideal.

I had to learn how to start it but once I had the jetting right and followed the right procedure (see the sticky's), it starts first or second kick every time.

For routine maintenance I clean the filter and chain after every ride and change the oil after every 2nd ride. Coolant rarely needs a top up. Valves etc much greater intervals (just done my first check after 6 months and no adjustment required).

When riding make sure you keep your tyre pressures low (10 or less in the rear) to gain good traction.

I rode the :thumbsup: out of my '02 426, then handed it over to my son who beat the :rolleyes: out of it. Never had a single breakdown.

My maintenance schedule was pretty much a clean airfilter every ride, new oil every six hours, regrease all bearings twice a year.

I had a 99 400 for 3 years, all I did was change oil, and clean filters. Awsome!!!! I hope my new 08 to be the same, so far 7 months on my 08 and not a single problem

O ok well I am still not sure on a YZ or WR setup yet, but what should I be looking for when I go look at a few bikes such as noticeable problems on them besides the basics. Thanks.

I owned an '02 426. What a pig compared to the newer four strokes. It was heavy, the engine was chuggy and slow revving. Some people prefer that. I'd get a higher revving bike or even stick with a 500 for the dunes.

wow never really heard of a slow reving 426 unless jetting was crap if mine reved any faster i would be running after it after i got off the ground, ive ridden newer 450s and if anything the 426 hits way harder. the weight is somthing to get used to but if your throwing around a 500 it wont be any problem for you if anything it will be a little easier.

I ride a 98 YZ400 converted to Sumo Daily. LOVE IT.

I have a '01 YZ426F. Very tough bike & reliable. But I'm getting too old for such a powerhouse. A young guy like you would probably love something like this for desert riding. Check the link if you want to hear it rev. (The engine was warm... just so nobody flames me.)


I was antually in your shoes about four years ago... At the time I owned a KX 500 and mostly rode at Sand Mountain in Nevada and it always seemed to have little issues go wrong with it each trip but I loved the power for ripping up sand dunes. Now I rode a 2000 YZ426 and I love the power, durabilty and the egronmoic of a new bike. I'm sure you will miss the power of a 500 but if your riding at Pismo Beach or the desert a 400 or 426 will have plenty of power. Just rememeber if you blow up a two stoke it's alot cheaper to fix then a 4-Stroke...Good Luck

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