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Hi guys im new to this site and to bikes, I bought a wr400f 2001 of a friend and im just trying to find mods and things i should be doing to my bike at any stage of riding. I have printed off they z400/426f &wr400/426f 2000-2002 if you could all be so kind as to direct me or send links it would be apreaciated....

Easy: set the sag for you, get your tire pressures set and ride.

If you are new, there is a lot more power than you really need, so you just need to work on technique.

I agree with John221ex regarding power but before you hit the trails check with the past owner and ask about oil and filter changes, valve check, chain replacement, bearing greasing etc. Give it a once over for lose bolts and hang on!

I also agree with all of the maintenance suggestions. I would confirm with past owner that the screen type oil filter that threads into the bottom of the frame, oil tank has been cleaned at least twice since he has owned it. As far as free mods go, just type in "wr free mods" and you'll get more than you can read.

An uncorked 400 will leave you jumping out of your seat for a beginner. Maybe

do a couple things for bogging issues and check for past maintenance . All will be good after sag adjustment and some free mods

Thanks guys it all helps and appreciate it.

Hi all, can any one tell me how many hours on a wr 400 engine, before tuching it.

Well, if you're talking new, probably one and then change the oil/filter, then change the oil every 4 ride days or 10 hours, check valve clearances at 20 to be safe.

I would say for a "new to you", change oil/filter right away, clean/oil the air filter, check tire pressure, set sag on the rear (check manual - if you don't have one download it from "Yamaha Australia") Set up your suspension - if you don't know how, set it to factory and work from there as you get a feel for the bike.


Post back with any issues - one issue per post and you'll get lots of help here.

Thanks matt4x4 going to down load it now..

I bought my ''00 WR400 from a riding buddy who bought it new. He ran it in enduros for 4 seasons before having to get into the engine, then did a complete top end rebuild. I have been trail riding it since '05 with no engine problems at all.

Hi guys, has any one tried placing electric start on there WR 400f 2001 bikes from modern models. Duse any one no if WR 426 have electric start on them and if any one has fitted one to there 400f.

I haven't heard anyone doing it, the 426 didn't come with it either.

If you know the starting procedure and you have the bike dialed in, you should be able to start it in 1 - 2 kicks max - well, maybe 3 after winter storage- oh wait - you don't have winter - never mind...

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