over fill

ya i just got the bike like last sunday... i over filled the oil :rolleyes: and it pissed out a hose on the top of the motor.. ya so then it stalled out it won"t start back up..:thumbsup: it didn't smoke so i don"t think i blew a oil ring..

ya i'm so mad at my self:banghead:

how much did you over fill ? it only takes about 1.2 litres

well this dumb as guy at this yamaha said a lil under three quarts... ya i wan=ta find him at home and duff him in the face :thumbsup:

Yeah, you can always hear what other people have to advice you, but in the end the manual is the way to go regarding these stock maintainence.

Have you dowloaded a manual yet?

+1 on the manual idea.

And I always make it a point to observe/measure what I drain out so that I know that I'm replacing it with a comparable amount.......

so wait wut do you think damage i could have done when i did this.. it pissed outta hose on top of the cylinder.. next to the spark plug cap!

what should i do to fix this problem? it won't start! should i change the plugs and drain the oil interely out and re add the correct amount.. hey does any on have the link to another place wit the english only manual..

ya i have gottin the manual downloaded!


Never done it before but I would imagine that you have filled many place full of oil that should not have it in there. Take spark plug out and have plug wire away from the metal of the bike (no spark to worry about fire) and take exhaust pipe off (you probably have filled it too) and take oil drains out the bottom and then turn the engine over and try to get it to turn easily. crank case has a cover on it that you can turn it manually with a wrench (clocwise) to keep it turning. Once done by hand and it has freed up then I would use the e-start to get some compression built up to blow the rest of it out of the way. Drain the gas from your carb drain and evaluat if it appears to have oil in it - if it does then take apart and sray all holes and tubes with brake clean. If the exhaust is filled with oil - pour a cup of gas down the pipe with hands on each end so you can slosh it back and forth to clean out. Do not do this with the muffler unless you plan on repacking and maybe you need to do that too if oil in there. (Do not get gas on your packing or you may be riding to the moon on your next trip) Put back together and make sure you wait 24 hours for gas to dry out of pipe. Good luck. You will surely get to know your bike now. Also clean out tubes coming off the top of your cylinder head. Brake clean is quick and effective. After running it for a while check the color of your coolant and see if any oil has migrated into it. If it has you need more than me. Hope all goes well. Jason

I'd drain the oil...replace it with the correct amount...pull the sparkplug and kick the engine over a few times to blow out any oil that may have collected on top of the piston...clean out the air box and air filter...install a new plug and attempt to fire it. If it didn't blow out the countershaft seal, my guess is that the crankcase overflow hose did its job.

Have you checked the hose so it's not plugged..?

i drained the oil ta about the right amount and it started right up.. but i shut her down and it won't start again so i'm gettin new plugs as soon i can get to a motor shop... wut plugs should i get...

ya alright i gotta another problem.. when i pull the clutch in the gear doesn't disengage all the way... so what is this all about...

can any one help ^^^^^^^^

NGK Resistor Sparkplug CR8E or the better one but more expensive is the NGK Iridium Sparkplug CR8EIX. You could also just brake clean your old one and that will give it a little more life. Your clutch and gear issue if it is different from the way it was before you overfilled your oil then I would say that you have done something. If its been there for longer then you need to tell more about it and what its doing so we better understand whats happening. Jason

:ride: well when i pull the clutch in the gear doesn't disengage.. its still in gear kinda...(like when i pull the clutch in and try to kick it over the bike move forward like ya still got the clutch out.) its lik still kinda in gear... like as if your half way in wit the clutch..

as if ya ridin da clutch...:thumbsup:

When it comes to engine oil, there is no "about the right amount". Remember, this what got you buggered in the first place. Oil is cheap. Dump it and refill with correct amount. If you follow the manual and empty all the low points listed and change oil filter, it will take 1.2 litres. Consider this an oil flush. After checking to see if the head pipe got oil puked into it, then change the plug and try to fire it up. Clutch operation shouldn't have been affected, but i have never had that much oil in my engine. Start at square on and go from there.

You still didnt say if the clutch issue was happening before the oil issue. It sounds as though you could have dissengaged one of the cable ends. Do you still have strong pull when you pull in the clutch lever and can you see the cable moving with the lever. Next, check the clutch cable holder (arm) above the drive sprocket - it should move when the clutch is pulled. If these are working poperly and appear to be hooked up properly then it is a matter of tightening your adjustment at the hand lever. The clutch cable holder (arm) should move approximately 5/8 of an inch. See if it is sticky or not returning quickly. If the arm is moving properly and with enough movement to engage and disengage then it is something internal and I've no experience in there.

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