another octopuss question

I know there is alot of stuff out there on the octopuss mod but I just have one small question. I took off all the hoses that I needed to off the carb and pluged them with caps I think I have 5 of them. Then found a post that I was only supposed to have two and then realized that the round thing that all the hoses are connected to is supposed to come off too.

So my question is if I take that round thing off will it effect my bike diferently than just the holes being plugged up. My bike seems to run good with it that way and don't want any suprises when I take it off.

Thanks for the help

I didn't notice any change when I went from the plugs on all the holes to removing the round thing. Just looks ALOT nicer with it off and less chance of losing a plug. :)


What year WR?

It's a 98. I basically want to make sure If I take it off that it will run the same, just in case I don't have time to test it before my next ride. All the holes are pluged on that round body so I would think it wouldn't make a diffrence if I removed it.

you should only need two rubber caps to de-octopus.

Remove the round thing.

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