Want my WB AlumPro2 to be black...

It's a solid block of aluminum, so anadize??? Powdercoat???

Anyone else done it, or seen it done? Does it hold up?


Already clear anodized.....no can do. Ive got the same.

Maybe woodstove pipe black spray paint?

If.... you wire bush (stainless steel wire brush only) then sand the billet, you can have it anodized black. If you miss a spot, it will not get blackened. If any part is cast and not billet, you cannot anodize it black it will come out gret and bloctchy.I have done this and it is a pain, but it can be done. That all said, a rattle can of grill paint and a beer sound mighty good.....

Would powder coating work?

I plan on doing my rims and ignition cover also...

If the part is clear anodized, it can be stripped of the old anodize, and reanodized. Find an anodizer in your area, and give them a call. The more parts you can send at one time, the less expensive. I reanodize stock silver rims all the time in many colors. WD

I have been told easy off oven cleaner will strip anodising.

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