Removed "Pea Shooter" From Exhaust, What Now?

So my 2006 WR450F was purchased used with the "pea shooter" removed. I have read a lot of the threads discussing opening up the exhaust and keeping the bike quiet. I had a few questions that I couldn't quite get to the bottom of:

1) Is the stock exhaust running without the pea shooter equivalent to the after market mufflers as far as power is concerned. That is to ask if I am ok with the noise level is there still power left to be gained by using a YZ or aftermarket muffler?

2) Would adding the Pro Billet in the above setup lessen power and decrease noise.

Basically I'm trying to determine what is left to get out of the bike via the exhaust.

Thanks guys.

The stock exhaust is not as large diameter wize as a YZ one from the inlet back. I removed my pee shooter, and installed a PMB insert, a bit louder and more power, then i removed the inner baffle, now it's quite a bit louder but still acceptable and more power, then i removed it and put on a YZ muffler, and it's way louder and slightly more power. BTW I have the stock muffler with the mods including the PMB insert for sale if you want to buy it for the price of the insert and it's yours $55.00 plus shipping.

Oh, and there are way more mods you need to du, like cut the grey wire, put in a yz throttle stop and open up the intake, even go as far as a yz exhaust cam if you want more power.....

or just cut the throttle stop screw with a hack saw .

I am planning on doing the other mods (airbox, greywire, etc).

So how much more power could I expect from say a FMF Q4 slip on versus the stock muffler with the pea shooter out, if any.

Thanks again!

I had the stock silencer with the GYTR tip and then went to the Q4. It's slightly louder with the Q4 but still quiet and has more power.

I did a full fmf factory 4.1 system, with the megabomb header, 4.1 titanium muffler, and 96db usfs tip, and of course jetted the bike to match it, and WoW! It changed the bike considerably. There is more power everywhere. I still blew under 94db at my last enduro too.

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