Bent peg

2006 wr450 left peg. who's got one sitting in a box in the garage? I'll pay shipping an handling if that sounds like a deal:thumbsup:

try a hammer and vice first ?

try a hammer and vice first ?

That's a bit barbaric isn't it?:thumbsup:

If it's the same as the 426's, I've got one...

That's a bit barbaric isn't it?:thumbsup:

i guess you could throw in some heat .

how about a anvil pliars and a hlaf peen hammer :rolleyes:

seriously its truly amazing what you can fix with a hammer .

I'd buy new pegs rather than beating on them or heating them up. Nothing worse than questioning the one thing holdingyou on the motorcycle everytime you're airborne.

when in doubt get a bigger hammer.thats what i say

pivot pegz. The best invention since softer seats.

If it's the same as the 426's, I've got one...

I apply some barbaric methods to Ye Old Foot peg:prof: It sort of straight.:thumbsup: I think I will try some pivot pegs in the future. I can live with it for now:thumbsup: Birdy gets good fuel:applause:

Got the cash and want new pegs:banana: So, what ya guys using? IMS, Fastway, cheap and prepare to bend more:excuseme: I like the fastway w/wider platform. any comments?

a BFH will fix it just like new.

So do you still need a set of pegs ? I've got the oem ones off of my 07 450 you can have for the price of the shipping . I know they fit your bike . but they are a bit ground down for dragging them on the road . they still have a lot of life yet if you want them pm me.:busted:

Check out the sunline pegs. I bend alot of stuff amd they have held up for 1 and a half seasons

I've riden a couple bikes with the fastway pegs. They are sweet. My buddy's got the ones with the pointed cleats and there is NO chance of slipping off them. Spendy, but awesome pegs.

I'm going to order Fastway's from TT for $119.00:thumbsup:

First day out on fastway!:thumbsup::moon::p



I am on my second set of fastways. Really like the wide platform and changable spikes. But everything bends if you hit it hard enough.:thumbsup:

i feel for you. that's an expensive bent peg.

maybe you can have a frankenbike with a straight OEM peg, and one fastway peg...mix-and-match WR.:thumbsup:

Check with Fastway and see if they'll warranty it...They are owned by Pro-Moto Billett who have always been really good about warranty coverage...I mean all they can say is no, right?

and if they won't warranty them, guess you'll be back to the BFH....

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