WR's..400 vs 436 vs 450

What is the differences between these? Also what years blow, and which are good? Thanks

I dont care about the high speed. want whatever one is best for manuverability and technical stuff. but also able to get up hills real easy.

450 they are all good , some people don't like the 03 450 because it had a starter problem , personally my 03 didn't have this problem and have never had one problem with it .

newer the better . i would like an aluminum frame one but am waiting for a efi yamaha .

What is the differences between these? Also what years blow, and which are good? Thanks

I assume you mean 426? The 400 & 426 are very similiar with exception of the increase in cc's. They had upgrades during those years but they are still similiar. When the 450 came out everything changed. They are much slimmer and have e-start. I can honestly say that you will probably be happy with any of them as long as it's been maintained. The only "bad" year would possibly be the 03' 450 due to starter issues, although most of them have probably been repaired by now or you can use 04' parts to retrofit. I have had my 426 since 02' and couldn'y be happier. Weight is an issue to some but I deal with it because this thing rocks in the desert. I would suggest that you get the newest and cleanest WR you can find and run with it:ride: . Trust me and the others on this board you won't regret it.:thumbsup:

hmm....ok....what wr specific things should i watch for when buying used?

the only thing is there no desserts in canada

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They're all solid reliable bikes. Each generation a significant improvement over the previous but all good. '03 was the only year with a slight hiccup but the '04 starter retrofit will take care of that.

what are the preformance differences?

I've ridden my 2000 WR400 back to back with a friends 2006 WR450 and it convinced me to keep my bike. Why? Because although the 06 450 had some improvement it wasn't enough to justify the cost of going newer. Get any of them except an '03 and you can't go wrong.

The earlier bikes, like the 400 and 426 have an annoying compression release lever that you need to use to start them. They are also heavier because they are older. Buy the newest bike that you can afford. You will never be sorry that you have a magic button. I can understand not wanting the hassle of having to unload a wr400 that runs great, in order to buy a newer 450, but if you are starting from scratch, get the newest bike that you can.

I've owned all three generation 4xx's and while they are all great bikes each generation has offered a significant improvement in the handling mostly through slight changes in the geometry and rider position. The 05/06 are probably the best of the lot in terms of cornering and handling but IMO the 03/04 has the better motor in terms of performance. I can't comment on the aluminum frame models as I haven't had a chance to ride one but expect they are even better. Probably the single biggest improvement was the addition of auto decomp and estart on the 450's. Also I wouldn't be afraid to buy an '03 if it has the '04 starter mod done to it.

Are they crappy in tight gnarly bits? Do they really feel heavier than the are?

what are suzuki and kawasakis parallel bikes (eg hondas=crf450x)

is kawasakis only the klx? or do they have other similar bikes?

what are suzuki and kawasakis parallel bikes (eg hondas=crf450x)

is kawasakis only the klx? or do they have other similar bikes?

Kawasaki's KLX 450 competes with the WR and CRFX. Suzuki does not have a model to compete with them at this time.

The crf450x is in my opinion a superior bike to the wr until 07, but due to it's crf heritage it requires more maintenance. They tend to go through valves pretty good, and they are a little taller than the wr too. I am pretty sure that they didn't start making the x model until 05, but in 05 and 06, the x is the more refined machine.

other than the starter issue is it worth getting an 03 wr450 in good shape for 2000 dollars?

Only if don't want a bike that will carry the front wheel in every gear!! :p Paid the same amount for my 03 two years ago. Had valves shimmed, replaced starter relay and just did the water pump fix. All cheap and easy things to do. Besides that all I've done is ride it, every time it puts a smile on my face.:thumbsup:

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