,03 wr450 clutch problem, and water pump

when i have my clutch pulled in, and i put it into gear, my bike starts to roll buy its self and when the bike is warmed up it get a bit worse. i have adjusted the clutch and its still dose it. is there a trick or a better way of adusting the clutch?

the water pump also leaks,, thers a hole on the bottom on the pump and coolent comes out of ther. i change the seal (oil seal #1) and it stop leaking for a few rides and started agin. any way i can fix this problem??



water pump needs to be replaced . its called a weep hole every water pump has one they weep coolant to tell you to replace it .

if your clutch is adjusted properly and you still have the problem you probably need a new clutch .

your not using different oil or anything then you did previously ?

i would pull the cover and inspect the clutch for wear .

I just had the same problem this weekend on the water pump. I replace the seal but it kept leaking. now I just need to replace the impeller and the seals and shaft.

I just had the same problem this weekend on the water pump. I replace the seal but it kept leaking. now I just need to replace the impeller and the seals and shaft.

There are 2 seals, one keeps the oil back and the other holds the coolant back. The coolant seal is the one that always seems to leak, (I've never heard of anyone dripping oil from the weep hole) and if you're leaking coolant then that's the bad one. It's a good idea to replace both of the seals and the shaft while you have it apart. You may not aways need it, but you won't really know until you put it back together.

Make sure the seals go in the proper way. Installed the proper way they expand under pressure. If you put them in backwards they don't seem to seal well, and be very careful of the little springs that run around the inside lip of the seal. I knocked one off when popping the seal in place.

I had same prob with my 03 wr450.After the bike is warmed up clutch should'nt grab,if still getting problem could be grooved basket.Fixed mine by filing fingers smooth with fine file.Also, oil type affects the clutch operation.

hey all

i fooled around with the clutch today and ajusted it as much as i could and it looks like it works ok,, ia'm takeing it out this weekend so i'll kown if it work or not,, but i'll be ordering a new clutch soo

but the water pump still leaks, i change the first seal and still leaks any thoughts???

By first seal, do you mean the first one from the inside of the clutch cover or the first seal from the impeller side?

You have to change the seal between the impeller and the bearing, but like Frostbite said - change both and the shaft as well if it's got scoring.

Your oil could be dirty - causes clutch grab. When did you last change it?

When i replaced my waterpump seal I replaced it as it was on the bike, and i was wrong.

Make sure you put the seal in with the hollow bit facing you ( as frosty said they expand under pressure.) and the flat side away from ya.

This seems to be a common problem so its worth thinking about , the job only takes 15mins , you only have to drain the coolant where you are working (the bottom bolt!) :thumbsup: not the whole bike v.easy even for a coward like me !


I'm about to replace the seals and shaft. The parts are on order and should arrive this week. I'll let you all know what I get and progress

hey,, how did this job turn out??

The bike is lurching forward when its running cause your clutch basket and inner hub possibly has groves in it. If it is pretty bad what happens is the plate stick together and cant really float in the basket like they should. Thats why people file the baskets cause the grooves cause the plates to stick together and causing the clutch to slightly grab or lock up. If its really bad then you should just buy new.

hey everyone thanks for the help. so i think i fixed the water pump seal, i had put it in the wrong way, but its in the right way now.


it's a new clutch, new cable and new springs everything is from yamaha. the clutch lever is still hard to pull, and when the bike is on its very hard to get in into neutral. any sugjestion?

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