Regret any mods?

Ever regret any mods on your bike? :rolleyes: Done anything that had a negative effect on performance or handling? Any changes that created too much power with control difficulty? I put a set of slip-on pipes on a bike before and got a lot of brassy sound and lost low-end torque. :thumbsup: Good to know what to avoid. The common beliefs aren't always true

Nope...not one.

The trick is to do your research! I was very methodical about at what stages I would do "what" mods in an attempt to match and grow my skills with the bike :thumbsup:

One thing I kind of regret is taking off the AIS system. I was caught at a ohv area without it and they gave me a ticket. Performance wise it doesn't do much, but if your not in california, it won't hurt!

I bought and mounted a set of pro tapers / woods bend..... the bars were to narrow to accommodate the e-start button.. No taking em' back once you clamped them. I was able to salvage the situation by mounting them on my son's bike :thumbsup:

Just a note to those with e-buttons, most factory narrowed woods bars may not be wide enuf:prof:

I was second guessing the YZ cams but after the first ride I can say that it was worth the hassle of doing it :rolleyes:

Other than the narrow bars I have not regretted one mod that I have researched here on TT :rolleyes:

Cycra Stealth DX handguards - Still haven't figured out best way to attach them (brake side). But I love the Cycra front disk cover!

cycra triple clamp mount hand guards. :thumbsup:

they dont fit 08 WRs and have to be machined to clear the light/number plate mount as shown on thumper talk. once they are machined, they are weak. I bent mine bad enough that it had to be removed to pull the clutch in. I actually dumped it in the parking lot before my first ride. total trail hours on the bike before being pitched into trash can was zero.

fly bars for one race.

got clipped in the start tweaked em soo bad, still tried to ride hit the triple looped out went off the track into the pits

cycra triple clamp mount hand guards. :thumbsup:

Interesting- I love mine.

I regret installing the Pro Taper Rubber Mnt top clamp. Not because it's a bad product but since I want the Scott's SubMount Damper setup it turns out to be wasted money.

I also regret the IMS 4.0 gallon WR tank. Again this is not because it's a bad product. It's a great product but if I knew then what I knew now I would have bought the tank for the YZ and gotten the seat to go with it.

Yeah, I regret my ims 3.2 gallon tank on my 07wr450. It made the bike feel huge. I'm currently running a clarke 2.6 gallon tank, and it fits and feels much better. I'm also not completely sure about these flexx bars that I have on my bike now either. They kind of make it feel like I'm driving a bus. I hope that I get used to them.

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