Jetting question for Canadian WR 426

Need some help from our Metric TT friends up North. I have a 02 Canadian WR 426 and need some jetting pointers. I just installed a Big Gun "Race" exhaust, no air box lid, snipped the grey wire....any help would be greatly appreciated. :)

I bought a 02 WR426 last Feb. I went up one size on the pilot jet (cause of backfiring on decelleration) and down one size on the main jet. Also changed to the OBELN needle. Specs are below. Got great results. Eliminated the backfiring and greatly improved throttle response. I am using a white bros. r4 exhaust so maybe slight difference than you.

Another x2smoker??? :) Still time to change your handle before you rack up alot of posts. :D

Welcome aboard, ex, you'll find lots of help and excellent info here. Sorry I can't help with your jetting, but I am sure you'll get a reply from one of the jetting Guru's soon!

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