Pro-taper accu-trax clamps for '06YZ450F

I was wondering if anyone in the forum has experienced or bought and tried a set of the newish Pro Taper accu-trax clamp combos out on the market recently. I have some cash for goodies and am wanting to spend wisely. Never really felt there was a big issue with the handling of the '06 YZ450F I've owned since new but have read the different opinions of mags and riders with interest. I have always felt with proper spring rates, fork height and a good front tire that the bike handled as well as any I have ever ridden. That being said, I know there is always some room for improvements. I have a bud with the applied clamps and he did mention it felt like it turned sharper. Just wanted to hear from first hand accounts if there are any. Really interested in the reports on the cushioning system. Also they are listed in 22.5mm offsets and a regular style that gives no offset. Please speak up if you have some working knowledge of this new product. Greatly appreciated.... in advance!

wow, 40 views, zero replies. I would like to give things another day and see what happens when I move this back to the opening page in the YZ450F forum.

I hate to cross post but I am going to ask in the general forum too.

Just to update on the clamps. I noticed today my arms are a lot less sore than they used to get. I am way out of shape and havent been riding and my legs are killing me( but they always did) anyway i have to think the elastomers have something to do with it as that is the only thing different. BY the way i am running the yellow one, i think they are medium.

i just bought some fro my 06yz250f and will test them out thanskgiving

Seams like the 22.5 help a lot, guys who have them will not give them up.

had a friend with an 06 call me just about an hour ago from testing at the track and said when he moved his forks up anouther 5 mm it made a hughe differance.

He is looking at the rekluse adjustable axle also.

We have been talking about this a lot lately.

I just mounted mine last night. The height feels much better. I will report results after a good holiday weekend of riding at Carnegie.



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