Hey guys,

just noticed my 08 WR450 has go 750km's on her.

i have done 9 oil change's on her so far. 2 with normal 10W40 oil

the other 7 with 5w50 racing formula mobile 1.

i have cleaned and reoiled the air filter 2 times already.. been very clean everytime i have checked.

should i be doing the valve's the motor doesn't seem any more noisey they normal ?

anything else i should be looking at. i mean i always make sure the coolant is up and stuff like that ?



Not to be condescending but I believe you should be cleaning your air filter WAY more often than changing your oil! These bike MUST have clean air to maintain their longevity. In Arizona I must clean it after every long weekend ride.

As far as things to do: torque all nuts and bolts to spec.,grease the steering and rear linkage! It might not be a bad idea to check the valve clearance just for peace of mind to know that they are in spec.

understand, but i do check the filter all the time.

its just ultra clean always, even after saying that i have washed it twice and reoiled.

i also purchased a second one, to make the switch faster.....

but i guess i should bite the bullet and try check the valve's.. :thumbsup:

oh well

thanks for the advise



A post breakin valve check wouldn't be a bad idea :thumbsup:

But I think your changing your oil way too much. Save some $.

Even with severe single track riding 100% of the time that would be alot of changes. I change every 300-500km depending on how extreme the riding conditions have been.

I usually have a couple air filter changes between oil but that depends on the dust. Not hard to believe you're not seeing any dust yet at this time of year up here in Canada.

its been dry, but i have no one to ride with.. so not like i am eating someone's dust :thumbsup:

thanks for the heads up guys !!

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