time killer....

Sweet! I always wanted to be able to do a backflip on a trials bike!!


How did you fininsh up at the LBJ.....Sorry I didn't get a chance to sit and chat after the race, I was pretty well thrashed after my 75 foot Endo coming down off the mountain. My front wheel clogged up with clay and when I tried to compensate with my rear brake, my back wheel clipped a tree, got sideways, front brake grabbed on a rock and I ended up in a ditch at the bottom of the hill, between 3 downed trees with my bike on top of me..... After a few minutes I figured out that I was still alive and nothing was broken. Three bubba's appeared out of the woods saying things like, that was awesome.....Is he still breathing...Best crash of the day.....Somebody hold my beer... After the 2 miles of 18 inch deep mud, climbing the hill from hell, and planting my face between two trees, I was completely toasted and called it a day......

I'm going to skip the "Burnt Gin HS" because of the holiday and pick up again at Aonia on the 8th of Dec.


It took me a while but I got it.

Now I can't get my son off it.

That's a fun game! I did a front flip and a back flip without crashing, beat that! :)

That is one addictive little game. Didn't stop until I could land a triple backflip!!! Did it on the last obstacle on the bottom.

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