help!calif smog test

does anybody know where i can get a catalytic converter for my wr?i want to make sure my bike is ca.smog legal but im having trouble finding my catalytic converter.i think someone might of stole it off my not sure what it looks like exactly.i called my local dealer but they were no help those idiots couldnt even find the part number.could someone give me a description of what it looks like and where it would be located.i just want to make sure its missing before i go knock on my neighbors door and accuse him of stealing it.thanks p.s. do you think i could modify the catalytic converter on my 1987 pontiac stationwagon to fit my wr

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You are on a roll......LOL :) Love the fork comment. You should run for office! :D


Souldn't you be asking that question on the KLX board....I seem to remember something about "Kawasaki's Rule" with your name attached to it?

Bonzai :)

if kawasaki came out with klx400 tommorrow i would be first guy in line to buy one.ill be honest ive never been a big yamaha fan[the ergonomics].ive always felt more comfortable on kawasaki then any other bike.dont get me wrong i love my wr but the green machines are in my blood.

motogreg they will be lucky to have that bike in dealers before 2004.

After owning a KLX 300 you could not pay me to have another one, a KX mabe, But Never Ever, Ever a KLX, even if it is a DRZ clone. I just worked out a deal with my Yamaha Dealer to Trade my kids $4600 KLX with mabe 10 rides on it for a 99 YZ400 worth mabe $3000. That's how bad I want to get rid of this slow turd.

Granted the Green Team does produce a respectable 2 smoke.

Bonzai :)

thats why i dont own a klx.i didnt want my buddys roosting on me allday long.

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