HELP! Grayracer? Anyone

Ok, so my 2002 YZF426 started making a weird noise recently. It was one that when I was riding in like 3rd or 4th and started slowing to a stop I would downshift and when I hit first something in the trans would actually make a metallic "pink" sound. Well It was due for a rebuild so I pulled it down to the cases today and found a couple gears that were not great.

MY question is this..... When I hold the clutch basket and the big gear there is like 1/4" of rotational freeplay... Is this normal? It's not really easy but if you kind of force it it'll move just a little bit back and forth. Any help would be appreciated!

The basket is made to rotate on the gear, but it does so against a set of springs that push it from both directions toward the center. There should be no actual play in this setup, but you can normally budge it against the spring pressure a little.

There is no actual freeplay or slop. But when I grab it I can just force it back and forth a little bit. It's minute but I just wanted to be sure. If feels very tight, just makes that tiny shift when I give it a good twist

That's normal.

Thanks a ton. I really do appreciate it. Now to get it back together by the weekend!!

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