new wr450

i just purchased a 2008 wr450 after coming off a 2004 wr250. i took it out the other day for it's break in ride. did the 5 heat cycles as recommended by my dealer with constant accel and decel but not revving too high. the gas was topped off by me and only got 74 km's on it and it quit. was out of gas and needed the reserve to go the last 3 km's to the truck. now, coming off the 250 which i believe had the same 8 litre tank and a much further range of well over 100 km's and higher revs does this seem normal for the 450 or is it going to improve dramatically with more km's?

This isn't uncommon during run in, I heard of one guy only getting 50k's out of a tank!!

Also theres some fuel in the tank that just isn't accessable without seriously tipping your bike back/fowards and sideways.

The Australian model bikes are suppose to have had there jetting changed, I get around 90k's to a tank, I've only done 205 though!

For the moment at least I'm carrying a spare 1lt fuel tank around with me!

Good luck, enjoy the new toy there an awesome machine!

I get about 100km's on my WR450 2008 model.

thats driving pretty hard, and not using reserve!



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