Yz 450 Mid RPM bog

So I just got myself an 06 YZ 450 and finally took it out this weekend. As I started rolling on to the power I felt the engine kind of bog a bit in mid RPM range (about half throttle). My bike has the Boyseen power shot in the carb and the bike came from Ca and I'm in Utah now.

Is it just jetting? I'm going to adjust the needle tomorrow cause I think it might be too rich.

Any other ideas on what it might be? Also no other motor mods. Thanks

Could well be overly rich. A lot of people will go that way in trying to "cure" any trace of stumbling when what they really needed to do is train themselves to roll the throttle. Then they end up causing a new set of troubles from richness.

Useful information would be, current jetting, former altitude, and current altitude.

A number of people report problems of this nature associated with the Quickshot. I don't think it's a cure for anything you might imagine is wrong with the bike. As I recall, they are deeper than the stock AP cover, which extends the duration of the pump discharge, and can make it longer than is desirable. If you have the original cover, you might try that, as well. Meantime, be sure that the discharge from the accelerator pump nozzle does not strike the slide.

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